Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.Claims Namespace

Provides administrative types and members for managing claims-based authentication.


  Class Description
Public class SPActiveDirectoryClaimProvider An SPClaimProvider that exposes Active Directory objects. The types supported are User, DistributionList, and SecurityGroup–based claims.
Public class SPAllUserClaimProvider Allows a selectable "All User" claim with claim type IdentityProvider for each identity provider.
Public class SPClaim Encapsulates the data for a specified claim.
Public class SPClaimEntityTypes Represents the entity types returned by the various claim providers found in the Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.Claims namespace.
Public class SPClaimExtensionMethods Defines methods that extend objects in the Microsoft.IdentityModel namespace.
Public class SPClaimHierarchyProvider Represents an abstract class for claim hierarchy providers that provide hierarchical structure across multiple claim providers.
Public class SPClaimHierarchyProviderFeatureReceiver Represents a subclass of SPFeatureReceiver that is used to handle provisioning for instances of the SPClaimHierarchyProvider feature.
Public class SPClaimProvider Represents a claims provider.
Public class SPClaimProviderDefinition Provides the necessary definition of a claims provider, such as, name, description, status, assembly and type.
Public class SPClaimProviderException Represents an exception that is thrown when the assembly name and class name of a claim provider define a type that does not inherit from SPClaimProvider class.
Public class SPClaimProviderFeatureReceiver Defines a class for provisioning and unprovisioning a single claim provider.
Public class SPClaimProviderManager Represents a class to provide management of the various claims providers in the SPFarm object.
Public class SPClaimProviderNames Gets the names of the SPClaimProviderclaims providers found in the Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.Claims namespace.
Public class SPClaimProviderOperations Provides operations on the claims providers registered in the farm.
Public class SPClaimsAuthMembershipProvider Defines the ASP.NET membership provider integration into the claims-based identity authentication context.
Public class SPClaimsAuthRoleProvider Defines the ASP.NET claims-based role provider integration into the claims-based authentication context.
Public class SPClaimTypes Contains claim types that are used by the security token service (STS) and claims providers found in the Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.Claims namespace.
Public class SPClaimValueTypes Represents the claim value types used by the security token service and those returned by the various SPClaimProvider claims.
Public class SPFormsClaimProvider This is a claim provider that exposes forms roles and memberships. The supported types are User and FormsRole based claims.
Public class SPIdentityProviders Defines utility services for providers.
Public class SPIdentityProviderTypes The type for the token sources issued by the security token service.
Public class SPLocalLoginProvider Represents the local security token service (STS) behavior during login.
Public class SPOriginalIssuers Represents the claim original issuers used by the security token service (STS) and those returned by the SPClaimProvider claim providers found in the Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.Claims namespace.
Public class SPProviderSearchArguments Represents the search argument for searching providers.
Public class SPSecurityTokenServiceManager Manages the security token service for the farm.
Public class SPSystemClaimProvider Represents a claim provider that provides claim information that relates to the server farm where Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 is installed.
Public class SPTrustedAccessProvider Defines the basics of a trust contract between a server farm and another security token service (STS).
Public class SPTrustedAccessProviderCollection Creates a collection of SPTrustedAccessProvider objects.
Public class SPTrustedClaimProvider Provides claims picking functionality for trusted login providers.
Public class SPTrustedClaimTypeInformation Represents the information about a single claim type that the administrator has chosen to map to incoming Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) tokens.
Public class SPTrustedLoginProvider Defines the relationship with an external security token service that provides login privileges into the farm.
Public class SPTrustedLoginProviderCollection Represents a collection of access providers.
Public class SPTrustedProviderBase Serves as the trusted provider base class for SPTrustedAccessProvider and SPTrustedLoginProvider.
Public class SPTrustedProviderCollection<T> Represents a collection of trusted providers.


  Interface Description
Public interface ISPWindowsTokenCacheServiceContract Provides token cache-handling services.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration SPClaimProviderOperationOptions Specifies a way to manipulate the set of claims providers polled during an operation.
Public enumeration SPIdentifierTypes Specifies the type of an identifier.
Public enumeration SPMappingAction Specifies the modification action to apply to the claim value.
Public enumeration SPOriginalIssuerType Specifies the OriginalIssuer original issuer types used by the security token service and those returned by the various SPClaimProvider claim providers.