About the InfoPath Form Web Part

Applies to: SharePoint Server 2010

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 can host InfoPath forms on Web pages by using the new InfoPath Form Web Part. In Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, users who want to host their InfoPath forms on Web pages must use the XmlFormView control and write code in Visual Studio. Now, without writing a single line of code, you can add the InfoPath Form Web Part to a Web Part page and point it to your published form.

You can use the InfoPath Form Web Part to host any InfoPath browser form that is published to a form library, and can host the form associated with a SharePoint list if it has been customized by using the InfoPath Designer 2010. You can also connect the InfoPath Form Web Part to other Web parts on the page to send or receive data.

Example Scenarios

Here are some example solutions that you can create using the InfoPath Form Web Part:

  • Mortgage Calculator

    Create a simple mortgage calculator using the InfoPath Form Web Part to input the values, and then send the data to the Excel Web Access Web Part to calculate the mortgage repayments.

  • Manage your Customers and Orders list data on the same page

    When viewing or editing items in a Customers list, you can also manage all Orders for that customer from the related Orders list. This is achieved by connecting to the SharePoint Orders list Web Part and filtering its contents based on the customer ID value in an InfoPath Customer form hosted in the InfoPath Form Web Part.

  • Manage Help Tickets in a SharePoint list or library

    Quickly and easily view or edit items in a Help Tickets list or library. When an item is selected in the Help Tickets list Web Part, the list item ID is sent to the InfoPath Form Web Part which displays the list item details.

  • Automatically fill in contact information in a customer requirement form

    When filing out a new customer requirement form, you can automatically fill in the contact information by using data from the Customers list by selecting an item in the Customers list Web Part and sending the values into the fields in the requirement form in the InfoPath Form Web Part.