ContentIterator.ProcessItemsInFolder Method (SPList, SPFolder, Boolean, Boolean, ContentIterator.ItemProcessor, ContentIterator.ItemProcessorErrorCallout)

Iterates over items in a folder.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Server.Utilities
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Server (in Microsoft.Office.Server.dll)


Public Sub ProcessItemsInFolder ( _
    list As SPList, _
    folder As SPFolder, _
    fRecursive As Boolean, _
    fIncludeFolderItems As Boolean, _
    itemProcessor As ContentIterator.ItemProcessor, _
    errorCallout As ContentIterator.ItemProcessorErrorCallout _
Dim instance As ContentIterator
Dim list As SPList
Dim folder As SPFolder
Dim fRecursive As Boolean
Dim fIncludeFolderItems As Boolean
Dim itemProcessor As ContentIterator.ItemProcessor
Dim errorCallout As ContentIterator.ItemProcessorErrorCallout

instance.ProcessItemsInFolder(list, folder, _
    fRecursive, fIncludeFolderItems, _
    itemProcessor, errorCallout)
public void ProcessItemsInFolder(
    SPList list,
    SPFolder folder,
    bool fRecursive,
    bool fIncludeFolderItems,
    ContentIterator.ItemProcessor itemProcessor,
    ContentIterator.ItemProcessorErrorCallout errorCallout


  • fRecursive
    Type: System.Boolean
    If true, iterate over all items in a subfolder.
  • fIncludeFolderItems
    Type: System.Boolean
    If true, list items that are folders that will be returned; if false, items that are folders are filtered out.


This method uses paged queries to fetch the requested items, callsitemProcessor for each item, and calls the optional errorCallout if an exception occurs while processing an item.

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