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An information container for the SPWeb class. Information elements include title, description, URL, Web template identifier, configuration identifier, last-modified time, UI version, status flags, master URL, and custom master URL.

The SPWebInfo type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property Configuration Configuration identifier of the SharePoint Web site.
Public property CustomMasterUrl SharePoint custom master URL.
Public property Description Description of the SharePoint Web site.
Public property Id A unique identifier of the SharePoint Web site.
Public property Language
Public property LastItemModifiedDate Date when the last item of the Web site was changed.
Public property MasterUrl The URL of the Web site master page.
Public property ServerRelativeUrl URL relative to the Web site server.
Public property Title Title of the Web site.
Public property UIVersion The version of the user interface of the Web site.
Public property UIVersionConfigurationEnabled Indicates whether the Web site UIVersion may be configured from the user interface.
Public property WebTemplateId An identifier indicating the Web site template.



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