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Represents one change to the membership of an OrganizationProfile object.

The OrganizationProfileMembershipChange type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property ChangedProfile Gets the profile whose data has changed. (Inherited from ProfileBaseChange.)
Public property ChangeType Gets the type of change that was made to the profile. (Inherited from ProfileBaseChange.)
Public property EventTime Gets the UTC time when the change occurred. (Inherited from ProfileBaseChange.)
Public property Id Gets the event identifier associated with the change. (Inherited from ProfileBaseChange.)
Public property Member Gets the user profile member that is affected by this change.
Public property MembershipType Gets the membership type of the member that is affected by this change.
Public property ObjectType Gets the type of object on which the change was made. (Inherited from ProfileBaseChange.)
Public property PrivacyPolicy Gets the privacy policy, if any, used by the type of object that was changed. (Inherited from ProfileBaseChange.)



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