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The KpiDetailsSection type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Protected property Data Gets the incoming data object, which contains all the context information from the selected cell.
Public property HeaderContents The HTML to use for the section header contents. (Inherited from CollapsibleReportSection.)
Public property HeaderTitle The HTML to use for the section header title (tooltip). (Inherited from CollapsibleReportSection.)
Public property Id The client identifier for the section. (Inherited from CollapsibleReportSection.)
Protected property IncomingKpi Gets the key performance indicator (KPI) that is related to the selected cell, if available.
Protected property Properties Gets the property bag from the report that is associated with this KPI Details report.
Protected property ResourcePath Gets the path to the resource files.
Public property Visible Indicates whether this section should be rendered. (Inherited from CollapsibleReportSection.)


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