Microsoft.Web.Design.Server Namespace

Contains interfaces, classes and attributes that are used when rendering SharePoint Foundation web pages.


  Class Description
Public class NoNameChangeOnRemoteAuthoringAttribute Indicates that the class or enumeration name should not be changed when it is used in remote authoring.
Public class ProxyDesignerAttribute
Public class ProxyTypeConverterAttribute
Public class ProxyUpdateExecutor
Public class ReflectionSerializer
Public class ServerDocumentDesignerFactory
Public class WebControlMarkupService


  Interface Description
Public interface IServerDocumentDesigner Provides an interface for working with document controls at design time.
Public interface IServerElementDesigner
Public interface IServerElementMarkup Provides an interface for working with page elements or tags at design time.
Public interface IServerSafeTypeProvider
Public interface IServerWebApplication
Public interface IServerWebFolderProjectItem
Public interface IServerWebProjectItem
Public interface IServerWebProjectItemEnum