SPUserCodeWorkflowActivity.IActivityEventListener<ActivityExecutionStatusChangedEventArgs>.OnEvent Method

Handles the Closed event for this class.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SharePoint.WorkflowActions
Assembly:  Microsoft.SharePoint.WorkflowActions (in Microsoft.SharePoint.WorkflowActions.dll)


Private Sub OnEvent ( _
    sender As Object, _
    e As ActivityExecutionStatusChangedEventArgs _
) Implements IActivityEventListener(Of ActivityExecutionStatusChangedEventArgs).OnEvent
Dim instance As SPUserCodeWorkflowActivity
Dim sender As Object
Dim e As ActivityExecutionStatusChangedEventArgs

CType(instance, IActivityEventListener(Of ActivityExecutionStatusChangedEventArgs)).OnEvent(sender, _
void IActivityEventListener<ActivityExecutionStatusChangedEventArgs>.OnEvent(
    Object sender,
    ActivityExecutionStatusChangedEventArgs e



IActivityEventListener<T>.OnEvent(Object, T)


This method executes the sandboxed solution workflow action and sets the output parameters if it defines them.

This method throws an ArgumentException exception if sender cannot be cast to an ActivityExecutionContext object, an ArgumentNullException exception if e is null , and an ArgumentOutOfRangeException exception if e.Activity is not the child PersistOnCloseActivity, or e.ExecutionStatus is not Closed. This method throws an InvalidOperationException exception if __ContextProperty is null , SolutionId is null , or Empty, AssemblyName is null or an empty string, ClassName is null or an empty string, and FunctionName is null or an empty string.

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