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The StatusNotesControl type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Protected method AddedControl (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Public method AddLinkedForms (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Protected method AddParsedSubObject (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Public method ApplyStyleSheetSkin (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Protected method BuildProfileTree (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method ClearChildControlState (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method ClearChildState (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method ClearChildViewState (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method CreateChildControls (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method CreateControlCollection (Inherited from Control.)
Public method CreateDefaultTemplatedUI (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Protected method CreateStyle (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Protected method CreateTemplatedUI (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Public method DataBind() (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method DataBind(Boolean) (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method DataBindChildren (Inherited from Control.)
Public method Dispose (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method EnsureChildControls (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method EnsureID (Inherited from Control.)
Public method EnsureTemplatedUI (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Public method Equals (Inherited from Object.)
Protected method Finalize (Inherited from Object.)
Public method FindControl(String) (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method FindControl(String, Int32) (Inherited from Control.)
Public method Focus (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method GetAttribute (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Protected method GetDesignModeState (Inherited from Control.)
Public method GetHashCode (Inherited from Object.)
Public method GetTemplate (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Public method GetType (Inherited from Object.)
Public method HasControls (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method HasEvents (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method IsFormSubmitControl (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Protected method IsLiteralContent (Inherited from Control.)
Public method IsVisibleOnPage (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Protected method LoadControlState (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method LoadPrivateViewState (Inherited from SPMobileLabel.)
Protected method LoadViewState (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Protected method MapPathSecure (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method MemberwiseClone (Inherited from Object.)
Protected method OnBubbleEvent (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method OnDataBinding (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Protected method OnInit (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Protected method OnLoad (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Protected method OnPageChange (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Protected method OnPreRender Handles the PreRender event. (Overrides MobileControl.OnPreRender(EventArgs).)
Protected method OnRender (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Protected method OnUnload (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Protected method OpenFile (Inherited from Control.)
Public method PaginateRecursive (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Protected method RaiseBubbleEvent (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method RemovedControl (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Protected method Render (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Public method RenderChildren (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Public method RenderControl(HtmlTextWriter) (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method RenderControl(HtmlTextWriter, ControlAdapter) (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method ResolveAdapter (Inherited from Control.)
Public method ResolveClientUrl (Inherited from Control.)
Public method ResolveFormReference (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Public method ResolveUrl (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Protected method SaveControlState (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method SavePrivateViewState (Inherited from SPMobileLabel.)
Protected method SaveViewState (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Protected method SetAttribute (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Protected method SetDesignModeState (Inherited from Control.)
Public method SetRenderMethodDelegate (Inherited from Control.)
Public method ToString (Inherited from Object.)
Protected method TrackViewState (Inherited from MobileControl.)


Explicit Interface Implementations

  Name Description
Explicit interface implemetationPrivate method IParserAccessor.AddParsedSubObject (Inherited from Control.)
Explicit interface implemetationPrivate method IAttributeAccessor.GetAttribute (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Explicit interface implemetationPrivate method IControlDesignerAccessor.GetDesignModeState (Inherited from Control.)
Explicit interface implemetationPrivate method IAttributeAccessor.SetAttribute (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Explicit interface implemetationPrivate method IControlDesignerAccessor.SetDesignModeState (Inherited from Control.)
Explicit interface implemetationPrivate method IControlDesignerAccessor.SetOwnerControl (Inherited from Control.)


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