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The developer features that are available in SharePoint Online are a subset of the core extensibility features that are included in SharePoint 2010, and that are documented in the SharePoint 2010 SDK.

Applies to: SharePoint Designer 2010 | SharePoint Foundation 2010 | SharePoint Server 2010

Available in SharePoint Online

Use the following links to navigate directly to the SDK sections that describe the developer features you can use in SharePoint Online.

For additional SharePoint Online resources for developers, including in-depth training, videos, webcasts, articles, and code samples from across Microsoft and the larger SharePoint development community, visit the SharePoint Online Developer Resource Center.

Documentation for SharePoint Online Developer Features

The following links lead to SDK sections that include additional in-depth technical information, including how-to procedures, code samples, and walkthroughs.

SharePoint Online Development Overview

SharePoint Online General Reference

Customizing SharePoint Online Using SharePoint Designer 2010

Developing SharePoint Online Solutions

Web Services in SharePoint Online

Client-Side Access and Remote Access

SharePoint 2010 Client Object Model

Client Class Library

JavaScript Class Library

SharePoint Foundation REST Interface

ASP.NET Web Services

Server-Side Development

Sandboxed Solutions in SharePoint 2010

Application Services

Excel Services in SharePoint Server 2010

InfoPath Forms Services in SharePoint Server 2010

Word Automation Services in SharePoint Server 2010

Visio Services in SharePoint Server 2010

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