Overview of Development Tasks in the SAP Environment

Applies to: Duet Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP Server 2.0 | Office 2010 | SharePoint Server 2010

The Duet Sales Order Management solution is based on external content types that are defined in SharePoint Server. These external content types, in turn, are based on web service endpoints that are defined as a result of a series of development steps executed in the SAP environment.

Development Steps in the SAP Environment

The steps required in the SAP environment to support the development of the Duet Sales Order Management solution in SharePoint are fully detailed in the SAP Duet Enterprise Developer Guide available in the SAP Developer Network. The following procedure is a simplified summary of those steps.

  1. Identify the appropriate Remote Function Calls (RFCs) available for accessing and manipulating the SAP Sales Order business object type.

  2. Create a service interface in SAP NetWeaver (specifically, in the Enterprise Services Repository in the SAP back-end system) with the necessary operations based on the chosen RFCs.

  3. Import the service interface into the SAP service consumption layer (SCL) and generate a server proxy.

  4. Generate a generic interface layer (GenIL) model for the server proxy in the SCL.

  5. Create back-end operation proxies and mapping classes in the SCL to execute operations (that is, RFCs) in the SAP back-end system and receive the results of those operations.

  6. Create an SCL business object based on the proxies and classes created in Step 5.

  7. Finalize the server proxy in the SCL.

  8. Create WSDL and service endpoint URLs by using SOA Manager and the Flat Service Generator tool in SAP so that the server proxy can be consumed in the form of web services by SharePoint.

Then, in SharePoint Designer, you can create external content types by using the endpoints of the web services in the SCL.

The remaining topics in this walkthrough assume that the steps detailed in the Duet Enterprise Developer Guide are completed and that the appropriate web service endpoints are available and accessible from the system on which the Duet Sales Order Management solution will be developed.

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