CopyItemActivityValidator.Validate Method

Verifies that the specified activity is valid.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SharePoint.WorkflowActions
Assembly:  Microsoft.SharePoint.WorkflowActions (in Microsoft.SharePoint.WorkflowActions.dll)


Public Overrides Function Validate ( _
    manager As ValidationManager, _
    obj As Object _
) As ValidationErrorCollection
Dim instance As CopyItemActivityValidator
Dim manager As ValidationManager
Dim obj As Object
Dim returnValue As ValidationErrorCollection

returnValue = instance.Validate(manager, _
public override ValidationErrorCollection Validate(
    ValidationManager manager,
    Object obj


  • obj
    Type: System.Object

    The workflow activity that must be validated.

Return Value

Type: System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Compiler.ValidationErrorCollection
A ValidationErrorCollection object that contains a collection of ValidationError objects. Any errors or warnings encountered during the validation of the workflow activity are stored in the collection.


The Validate method enforces the code rules that govern the workflow activity that is being validated.

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