Microsoft.HtmlTrans Namespace

A user can view a document from a document library even if they do not have an application installed on the client computer that is capable of displaying the requested document. Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 provides the Microsoft.HtmlTrans namespace as an infrastructure on which to build custom converter applications that deliver an HTML version of the requested document in place of the unrecognized binary file format.


  Class Description
Public class CreateDCInfo Provides methods to access and manage file content and information in a document conversion. For more information, contact us.
Public class CreateHtmlInfo Obsolete. Contains the results of the document conversion.


  Interface Description
Public interface IDocumentConversionsLauncher This class is reserved for internal use and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public interface IHtmlTrLauncher Obsolete. Exposes a single method that starts the process of converting a document to HTML format for viewing in the browser by a user who does not have the appropriate client application or viewer installed.
Public interface IHtmlTrLoadBalancer Manages the load on multiple servers hosting document conversion launcher services.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration BrowserType Specifies the browser type to target in converting a document to HTML.
Public enumeration CreationErrorType Returns errors that may occur during the document conversion process.
Public enumeration TSReturnType Returns a status value to the handler page that requests a document conversion.