time_checked_out Parameter

Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2010

Data Type: Time

The time and date at which the current object was last checked out of the source control service.

Example: 23 Sep 1998 09:54:51 -0700.

The number at the end of the value for time and date is the number of hours behind (to the west) or ahead (to the east) of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). If the value is positive, it is the number of hours the local time is ahead of UTC. If the value is negative, it is the number of hours the local time is behind UTC. In the example, the number -0700 tells you the local time is 7 hours behind (or to the west) of UTC.

Note that Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is equivalent to UTC when fractions of a second are not considered important.

For more information about UTC, see the National Institute of Standards and Technology Web site at http://www.nist.gov/.