TSReturnType Enumeration

Returns a status value to the handler page that requests a document conversion.

Namespace:  Microsoft.HtmlTrans
Assembly:  Microsoft.HtmlTrans.Interface (in Microsoft.HtmlTrans.Interface.dll)


Public Enumeration TSReturnType
Dim instance As TSReturnType
public enum TSReturnType


Member name Description
TSR_SUCCESS Indicates that the document conversion task with the specified name is already in progress.
TSR_LBUNAVAILABLE Indicates that the component implementing the IHtmlTrLauncher interface is unavailable.
TSR_LAUNCHERUNAVAILABLE Indicates that the component implementing the IHtmlTrLoadBalancer interface is unavailable.
TSR_ALREADYRUNNING Indicates that the request to the custom conversion components from the handler page succeeded.


The TSReturnType enumeration is not used by any of the objects or members of the Microsoft.HtmlTrans.Interface namespace.

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