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Contains information about an audited event that is connected to a site collection, site, folder, list, or list item.

The SPAuditEntry type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property DocLocation Gets the location of an audited object at the time of the audited event.
Public property Event Gets a value that identifies the type of event.
Public property EventData Gets data, in XML markup, that is specific to the type of event identified in the Event property.
Public property EventName Gets the name of the type of a custom audited event.
Public property EventSource A value that indicates whether the event occurred as a result of user action in the SharePoint Foundation user interface (UI) or programmatically.
Public property ItemId Gets the SharePoint Foundation GUID of the audited object.
Public property ItemType Gets the type of object whose event is represented by the SPAuditEntry.
Public property LocationType Gets a value that indicates where the event occurred.
Public property MachineIP Gets the IP address of the computer that initiated the event.
Public property MachineName Gets the name of the computer that initiated the event.
Public property Occurred Gets the date and time of the audited event expressed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
Public property SiteId Gets the SharePoint Foundation GUID of the site collection.
Public property SourceName Gets the name of the application that caused the event and wrote the SPAuditEntry data to the SharePoint database.
Public property UserId Gets the ID of the user who caused the event.



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Public method ToString Gets the values of all of the SPAuditEntry properties as XML markup. (Overrides Object.ToString().)


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