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Serves as a wrapper class for navigation-related operations. The SPNavigation object is available as a property value (SPWeb.Navigation) on the SPWeb object.

The SPNavigation type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property GlobalNodes Gets the top-level navigation nodes for the current context.
Public property Home Gets a node as an SPNavigationNode object that represents the site home page.
Public property QuickLaunch Gets an Microsoft.SharePoint.Navigation.SPNavigationNodeCollection object that contains the nodes in the Quick Launch area of the site.
Public property TopNavigationBar Gets an SPNavigationNodeCollection object that contains the nodes in the top link bar for the website.
Public property UseShared Gets or sets a Boolean value specifying whether the Web site inherits navigation.
Public property Web Gets an SPWeb object representing the Web site.



  Name Description
Public method AddToQuickLaunch Adds a node to the Quick Launch under the specified heading. If the specified heading does not exist, it is created.
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Public method GetNodeById Gets the navigation node (SPNavigationNode) by using an integer identifier.
Public method GetNodeByUrl Gets a navigation node object (SPNavigationNode) by using the URL of the node.
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