SQL Features Unavailable in SharePoint Search

Applies to: SharePoint Server 2010

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 search supports a query language based on SQL; however, it does not search in a relational database with user-defined tables or indexes. Because of this, many standard SQL statements and syntax features do not apply.

Following is a list of the more significant SQL features that are not supported in SharePoint Server search.

  • CONVERT() (use the CAST functions instead)

  • CREATE VIEW statement

  • Data definition language (DDL)

  • DATASOURCE statement

  • Date and Time formats other than ISO date and time stamp

  • Derived columns using AVG(), COUNT(), MAX(), MIN(), SUM(), or other calculations

  • GRANT statement

  • Hierarchical rowsets

  • Information schema

  • INSERT statement

  • OLE DB data types

  • SQL-standard regular expressions (use CONTAINS, LIKE, and MATCHES instead)

  • Parameters to SQL queries

  • Relational column comparison

  • Revision ID header

  • REVOKE statement

  • SCOPE aliases or revision numbers

  • SELECT ALL (removes duplicates automatically)

  • Stored procedures

  • Structured document expansion

  • UNKNOWN keyword

  • UPDATE statement

  • BATCH statements

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