Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.Administration Namespace

Creates content deployment configuration, path, and job classes.


  Class Description
Public class ContentDeploymentConfiguration Manages details about a content deployment job.
Public class ContentDeploymentEventArgs Encapsulates content deployment event data.
Public class ContentDeploymentException Represents an exception that is thrown during a content deployment operation.
Public class ContentDeploymentJob Defines details of a content deployment job.
Public class ContentDeploymentJobCollection Represents a collection of Content Deployment Jobs.
Public class ContentDeploymentJobOverrideSettings The members of this namespace or class are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public class ContentDeploymentJobReport Represents the report for a Content Deployment job.
Public class ContentDeploymentJobReportCollection Represents a collection of Content Deployment Report objects.
Public class ContentDeploymentPath Describes a content deployment path. This class cannot be inherited.
Public class ContentDeploymentPathCollection Represents a collection of Content Deployment Path objects.
Public class DeploymentStatus Indicates the incremental deployment status for a single object.
Public class DeploymentStatusDictionary Represents a collection of DeploymentStatus objects.
Public class JobReportBase This class describes the historical information about a content deployment or content migration job.
Public class ReportMessage The ReportMessage object is the base class for report messaging.


  Delegate Description
Public delegate ContentDeploymentEventHandler Handles the event raised when content is deployed.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ContentDeploymentJobStatus Enumerates possible status values for the content deployment job.
Public enumeration ContentDeploymentJobType Enumerates possible values for the type of content deployment job.
Public enumeration ContentDeploymentNotificationSettings Enumerates settings that are available for content deployment notifications.
Public enumeration ContentDeploymentSqlSnapshotSetting Specifies whether a content deployment job will use a SQL snapshot for the export operation.
Public enumeration JobReportType Enumerates Job Report types.
Public enumeration MessageSeverity Enumerates the message severity levels.
Public enumeration PathAuthenticationOption Specifies the authentication method on the content deployment path that is used to log on to the destination server.
Public enumeration TemporaryFilesOption Defines whether temporary files are retained or deleted when migration is finished.