Document Converter Run Command in SharePoint Server 2010 (ECM)

Applies to: SharePoint Server 2010

For your custom document to function properly within Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, you must be able to call it by using the following command line command.

  –in "Path To File" –settings "Path To Settings File" 
  –out "Directory For Output Files" –log "Path To Log File"

The DocConvLauncher service uses this command to call each document converter.


SharePoint Server 2010 passes each parameter of the run command to the document converter, even if that parameter is null. Any null or empty string passed to the converter as a parameter is interpreted by the converter as the path to a file that does not exist. Converters must be able to handle this possibility.

For example, a call to the Convert() method that specifies null or an empty string for the configuration information results in a call to the converter where the –config parameter points to a file that does not exist. The converter must be able to distinguish between null or empty file paths, which denote that no file exists for this parameter, and file paths that are specified but invalid.

For more information about the DocConversionLauncherService service, see Services Necessary for Document Conversion in SharePoint Server 2010 (ECM).

Following are the parameters and their definitions.


Required String. Represents the full path to the original file from which a converted copy is generated.


Optional String. Represents the full path to a file containing custom configuration settings for the document converter. The DocConvLauncher service writes the contents of the configInfo argument to disk, and then uses this parameter to point to that file.


Required String. Represents the full path to the location in which to place the converted copy.


Optional String. Represents the full path to a log file which the document converter can use to communicate errors and other general information about the conversion of this particular file.

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