Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.Server.Administration Namespace

Provides types and members for automating the administration of InfoPath Forms Services.


  Class Description
Public class DataConnectionFile Represents a Universal Data Connection (UDC) file located in the central data connection store on a server farm.
Public class DataConnectionFileCollection Represents the available Universal Data Connection (UDC) files located in the central data connection store on the server farm.
Public class ExemptUserAgent Represents a user agent, commonly a search bot, which can receive InfoPath forms instead of a Web page in response to an HTTP request.
Public class ExemptUserAgentCollection A collection of user agents that can receive InfoPath files from InfoPath Forms Services instead of Web pages.
Public class FormsService Represents the top level entity of InfoPath Forms Services.
Public class FormsServiceBackup Implements backup and restore operations for content types in InfoPath Forms Services.
Public class FormTemplate Represents an administrator approved, browser-enabled form template that is available on the server farm.
Public class FormTemplateCollection Represents all Administrator-approved form templates on the server farm.
Public class XsnFeatureReceiver Based on the SPFeatureReceiver class and used to trap the activation, deactivation, installation, or uninstallation of a SharePoint feature containing an InfoPath form template.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration FormTemplate.FormTemplateState Specifies the state of a form template.
Public enumeration FormTemplate.QuiesceMode Specifies the availability of a form template for new and existing form sessions.
Public enumeration FormTemplateCollection.UpgradeType Specifies the kind of upgrade performed to the form template.