Programming in Windows SharePoint Services

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This section of the Windows SharePoint Services Software Development Kit (SDK) provides introductory overview information and programming tasks, as well as guidelines, to help you use the managed object model that is provided in Windows SharePoint Services.

In This Section

Namespaces in the Windows SharePoint Services Object Model

Server and Site Architecture: Object Model Overview

The Administrative Object Model of Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

Sample Object Model Tasks

Event Fundamentals

Programming with the Microsoft.SharePoint.Meetings Namespace

Programming with the Microsoft.HtmlTrans Namespace

Getting Started with Programmatically Customizing a SharePoint Web Site in Visual Studio

Determining Where to Build a Custom Application

Registering and Importing Namespaces

Getting References to Sites, Web Applications, and other Key Objects

Working with List Objects and Collections

Forms of URL Strings

Security Validation and Making Posts to Update Data

Converting Date and Time Values

Optimizing Code Performance

Setting the Culture and Language

Advanced Extranet Support

Change Log and Synchronizing Applications

GetListItemChangesSinceToken and Synchronizing Applications

Trace Logs