Site Definition (Onet.xml) Files

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In an Onet.xml file, the Feature element is used within a site definition configuration to contain a reference to a Feature instance and default property values. The Configuration element specifies lists and modules to use when creating SharePoint sites. For information about the format and elements used in site definitions, see Site Schema.

The site definition file format for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 retains full backwards compatibility with the site definition file format of Onet.xml in Windows SharePoint Services 2.0.

Windows SharePoint Services activates Features specified within the Onet.xml file in the order that they are listed. Consequently, you must specify Features that are depended upon before Features that depend upon them.


The following example shows the Feature element used to specify Features and Feature properties in a site definition configuration.

<Configuration ID="0" Name="Publishing"> 
      <List Title="Web Part Gallery" Type="113" Url="_catalogs/wp" 
         RootWebOnly="True" />
      <Feature ID="AEBC918D-B20F-4a11-A1DB-9ED84D79C87E"/>
      <Feature ID="22A9EF51-737B-4ff2-9346-694633FE4416">
         <Properties xmlns="">
            <Property Key="ChromeMasterUrl" Value=""/>
            <Property Key="WelcomePagePageLayoutUrl" Value=""/>
            <Property Key="WelcomePageUrl" Value=""/>
      <Feature ID="23BCB938-F4B5-42a4-8050-F8CB92EF4078">
         <Properties xmlns="">
            <Property Key="CopyLayouts" Value="true"/>

Webtemp Files

Web template (WebTemp.xml) files in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 remain the same as in the previous version, located in the \\TEMPLATE\LCID\XML directory with the name of the file in the format webtempABC.xml, where ABC specifies the name of the directory from which to load the core site definition.

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