FormTemplates Schema Overview

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This schema describes optional XML you can include in a content type as custom information. This XML node must be stored within an XMLDocument element in the content type definition. For more information, see Custom Information in Content Types.

This schema enables you to specify the form templates used to display an item's Display, New, and Edit pages in the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 user interface.

The schema has the following elements:

  • FormTemplates   The root element. The FormTemplates element has the following attribute:

  • Display   Required Text. Specifies the name of the custom Display form template to use.

  • Edit   Required Text. Specifies the name of the custom Edit form template to use.

  • New   Required Text. Specifies the name of the custom New form template to use.

The form templates referenced here are .asmx controls that render the central section of a Windows SharePoint Services Web page. That is, the form template renders everything except the Windows SharePoint Services frame elements (what is usually termed the chrome) on the page. Windows SharePoint Services renders the chrome for the page.

The form template names you specify must be names of rendering templates found within an .ascx file located on the front-end Web server at the following location:

Program files\common files\microsoft shared\web server extensions\12\template\controltemplates

If you do not include this XML document in your content type definition XML, Windows SharePoint Services uses the default values. In that case, Windows SharePoint Services renders the forms automatically for you.

Following are the default contents of this XML document is for the Document content type:


Following are the default contents of this XML document for the Item content type:


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