FieldType Enumeration

Specifies the type of a field associated with a document that is copied by using a Copy web service operation.

Web Service: CopyWeb Reference: http://<Site>/_vti_bin/Copy.asmx


<SerializableAttribute> _
<XmlTypeAttribute(Namespace:="")> _
<GeneratedCodeAttribute("wsdl", "2.0.50727.42")> _
Public Enumeration FieldType

Dim instance As FieldType
[GeneratedCodeAttribute("wsdl", "2.0.50727.42")] 
public enum FieldType


  Member name Description
AllDayEvent An AllDayEvent field. 
Attachments An Attachments field. 
Boolean A Boolean field. 
Calculated A Calculated field. 
Choice A Choice field. 
Computed A Computed field. 
Counter A Counter field. 
CrossProjectLink A CrossProjectLink field. 
Currency A Currency field. 
DateTime A DateTime field. 
Error An Error field. 
File A File field. 
GridChoice A GridChoice field. 
Guid A Guid field. 
Integer An Integer field. 
Invalid An Invalid field type. 
Lookup A Lookup field. 
ModStat A ModStat field. 
MultiChoice A MultiChoice field. 
Note A Note field. 
Number A Number field. 
Recurrence A Recurrence field. 
Text A Text field. 
Threading A Threading field. 
URL A URL field. 
User A User field. 


The members of this enumeration correspond to the members of the SPFieldType enumeration.

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