People (UserInfo) Table

The UserInfo table contains information about the authorized users of a SharePoint team Web site in order to track their activity.

This table contains display information about users. Security information (for example, user roles) is stored in the Microsoft FrontPage metadata files, and users are authenticated by using Microsoft Windows NT user accounts.

The following table indicates the fields and data types that are used in the UserInfo table.

Column Name Data Type Description
tp_ID Counter Primary key for the table. Uniquely identifies each user.
tp_Name Text The domain name of the user. This is the name of the user in the FrontPage file system user list or the NT user name (e.g. REDMOND\Somebody). A user can appear in the table once per Web site.
tp_Title Text The display name of the user.
tp_Email Text The user's e-mail address.
tp_Notes Text A description of the user.
tp_Project Integer A lookup to the Projects table that identifies a project associated with the user.
tp_Modified DateTime The date and time that the user was most recently modified.
tp_Created DateTime The date and time that the user was first created.
tp_Version Integer An ID for tracking multiple-user edits. On save, if the version is not the same, someone else has edited the list metadata information.
tp_Deleted Boolean Indicates a user who has been deleted from the UI but not removed because the person still owns tasks.

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