ISearchProtocol Interface

The ISearchProtocol interface provides methods for invoking, initializing, and managing UrlAccessor objects. Methods in this interface are called by the Filter Daemon when processing URLs from the Gatherer. Methods of the ISearchProtocol interface must be implemented in C++.


IUnknown interface


The following table shows methods of the ISearchProtocol interface, and a brief description of each.

Name Description
Init Initializes the protocol handler
CloseAccessor Closes a previously created UrlAccessor, freeing it for reuse by the protocol handler
CreateAccessor Creates a UrlAccessor
Shutdown Shuts down the protocol handler

Reusing or pooling UrlAccessors may improve performance. The UrlAccessor can be returned to the pool of accessors in the CloseAccessor method call.

  • Type Library
  • Inproc Server
    Protocol handler DLL implementation.

To see this method of the ISearchProtocol interface in a fuller context, seeProtocol Handler Sample.

Introduction to Protocol Handlers

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