IUrlAccessor Interface

The IUrlAccessor interface provides methods for processing an individual item in a content source whose URL is provided by the Filter Daemon.


IUnknown interface


The following table shows the methods of the IUrlAccessor interface, and a brief description of each.

Name Description
AddRequestParameter Not supported.
BindToFilter Binds to the appropriate filter for the item and returns a pointer an IFilter.
BindToStream Binds to data stream for item and return a pointer to a Stream object.
GetCLSID Gets the CLSID.
GetDocFormat Gets the document format.
GetFileName Gets the file name, with the full path.
GetHost Not supported.
GetLastModified Gets the LastModified time.
GetRedirectedURL Gets the redirected URL.
GetSecurityDescriptor Get the security descriptor of the URL item.
GetSecurityProvider Not supported.
GetSize Gets the file size.
IsDirectory Determines whether the URL points to a directory.

This is the main interface for pulling data from the content source. The Get* methods are for properties that are required or useful to the Filter Daemon. Not all data sources will have these properties. If the property returned by one of these methods is not meaningful for your data source, your protocol handler should return E_NOTIMPL. The Bind* methods provide access to the data.

Although the protocol handler runs in the Filter Daemon's multithreaded environment, only one thread is employed for each item.

  • Type Library
  • Inproc Server
    Protocol handler DLL implementation.

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