SharePoint Portal Server Global Properties

This section discusses the properties found on a Microsoft® SharePoint™ Portal Server 2001. SharePoint Portal Server schema defines a number of internal, searchable, and non-searchable properties.

All objects in a SharePoint Portal Server computer (documents, content-class, category, and so on) are represented in the store as a row. Each row contains a number of columns that represent properties for that row or object. These properties determine the behavior of the object. For more information about schema objects, see Managing Schema Objects.

You can access these properties by their Uniform Resource Name (URN). For example, the property name "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:Office:Office#Author" indicates the author of the document. The URN, "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:dictionaryvalues", indicates what are the values associated with a dictionary. All property names are case-sensitive. For more information about Namespaces and URNs, see World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).


To maintain language-independent code, do not hardcode any folder names in a URL path (for example, Documents, and Categories). Instead, at runtime, obtain all folder names from the appropriate localized global property listed in the following table. For example, urn:schemas-microsoft-com:workspace#DocumentsFolder.

Searchable Document Properties

SharePoint Portal Server includes a number of searchable document properties. These properties are document attributes that SharePoint Portal Server associates with a document in the workspace. Many of these properties are listed and described in the table below. For more information about how to use these properties, see Using Searchable Document Properties.


You can retrieve searchable document properties by using specialized Structured Query Language (SQL) queries. SharePoint Portal Server uses modified SQL language for creating customized solutions. You can specify property names in the SQL SELECT clause column specifier. Because the property names in the following tables all have special characters, you can use them only as delimited identifiers, enclosed in double quotes.


When searching for documents using the World Wide Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV), SharePoint Portal Server returns each property name as an Extensible Markup Language (XML) element name. Because of this, characters used in property names must comply with the requirements for XML element names.

Other Namespaces and Properties

SharePoint Portal Server uses a number of external properties owned by other technologies. These properties are defined in more detail by their respective development kits. Please refer to the following sections of the Microsoft Exchange Server SDK:

SharePoint Portal Server Properties

The following table shows the most commonly used properties in SharePoint Portal Server, whether they are content indexed or retrievable, and a brief description of the properties.********

*I –* This column indicates if the IsContentIndexed flag is set to (T) True, (F) False or (NA) Not Applicable.

*R –* This column indicates if the IsRetrieved flag is set to (T) True, (F) False or (NA) Not Applicable.

You do not have to explicitly type the URN. Many of the URNs used in SharePoint Portal Server are defined as string constants in the PKMCDO.idl file. In addition, the global system schema is located at http://<server>/<workspace>/##SchemaURI##/microsoft/tahoev1.


Property names are case-sensitive.

Property Name I R Description F T Body of the document — query only. T T Time stamp when SharePoint Portal Server detected the document to be different and updated the index. T T Description of search result. Cannot be set. F F Excludes a document from the index, you can set this on a folder and individual documents. T T Search scope — set on the content sources.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:dashboardfactory:IsRoot NA NA (boolean) Indicates if the dashboard is a root dashboard. If so, SharePoint Portal Server does not show the "up one level" link.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:dashboardfactory:ParentID NA NA (string) A property calculated when the dashboard is retrieved. Used by the navigation bar to go up to parent dashboard.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:applications-root NA NA URL to the applications folder on the server (M:\localhost\SharePoint Portal Server\applications)
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:ApprovedBy NA NA Present only on the base document and the last unapproved version (LUV) when the document is pending approval — contains subset of SAVED_APPROVERS — the list of approvers who have approved the document.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:Approvers NA NA Present only on the base document and the LUV when the document is pending approval — contains a snapshot of the approver's role at the moment the document was published.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:ApproversLeft NA NA Present only on the base document and the LUV when the document is pending approval — contains subset of SAVED_APPROVERS — the list of approvers who still must approve.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:AreRolesInherited T F Applies to folders. Specifies whether this folder inherits from the parent.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:BaseDoc T F The URL of the base document. Present on all versions.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:BestBetCategories T T List of Best Bet categories associated with a document.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:BestBetKeywords T T List of Best Bet keywords associated with a document.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:CatalogName F F Workspace property. Specifies the name of the search catalog associated with the workspace.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:Categories T T List of categories in which the document appears.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:Checkedoutby NA NA (string) Present on the base document, the LUV and the working copy when the document is checked out — contains the DOMAIN\username of the person who currently has the document checked out.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:CheckOutComment NA NA (string) Check out comment, if this version is checked out.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:ChildVersionCount NA NA For primary versions, this is the count of the draft versions. For example, if between versions 1.0 and 2.0 there are 3 draft versions (1.1, 1.2, and 1.3), then on version 1.0 this count is 3. For draft versions, this count is 0.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:Comment NA NA (string) Comment associated with a version (for example, Check In Comment).
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:contactemail F F E-mail address for the category contact person.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:contactname F F Name of the Category contact person.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:CreatedTimestamp NA NA The time the version was created. Present on all versions.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:CurrentApprovers NA NA Present only on the base document and LUV when the document is pending approval — contains subset of VAI_SAVED_APPROVERS — the list of approvers who must approve next (Only one person in case of one-after-another or serial approval).
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:dictionaryvalues F F List of values associated with a dictionary object.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:DisableDiscussions F F (boolean) Default=FALSE, if set on the workspace then discussions are disabled for the entire workspace. If it is set on generic 'workspaces' folder then only discussions on external documents are disabled.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:displaycontext F F Bitmap indicating where a schema object is visible. Supported values are 0 (not visible) and 7 (visible) for property definitions and 0 (not visible) and 3 (visible) for content classes.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:DiscussionTarget T F A URL used to discuss a document. It is set on discussion items only and is used in search/subscription results to open the related document along with the discussions.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:DocID NA NA (string). A GUID present on all rows associated with a versioned document — base document, versions, versioning system files. The GUID is used to group all the rows into one logical entity.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:isdoclibrarycontent T T (Boolean) Indicates whether a particular document exists in a SharePoint Portal Server workspace.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:documentstate NA NA (string) Indicates the current document state. Possible states include, created, createdcheckedin, createdcheckedout, publishedcheckedin, publishedcheckedout, approved and approvedcheckedout.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:Domain NA NA (string) The domain of the user who created the version. Present on all versions.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:extended-type F F (string) Indicates the type of property. Supported values are "Text", "Number", "List", "Comment box" and "Date".
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:FriendlyVersionID T T (string) The version identification (ID) in friendly form (i.e. "1.1", "3.0", and so on)
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:GatherNoIndex NA NA (boolean) Used to prevent crawling of shadow versions and non-approved documents.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:hasbeenapproved NA NA (boolean) Present on the base document and the LUV — TRUE if the document is approved at least once.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:HasInternalDDSCCAB NA NA (boolean) Indicates if (MS Digital Dashboard Service Component) is available locally (http://localserver/.../ If FALSE, web parts refers to alternative location (
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:IIsWebVirtualDir F F IIS vroot name created for the workspace.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:IsAVersion NA NA (boolean) Present on all versions — FALSE only on the working copy.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:IsAWorkingCopy NA NA (boolean) TRUE if it is a working copy. Present on all versions.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:IsCheckedOut NA NA (boolean) Present on base document, and all versions. TRUE on base document, LUV and working copy if the document is checked out.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:IsCurrentVersion NA NA (boolean) If set to TRUE this version is the current version listed in version history, otherwise, it is set to FALSE.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:IsHiddenInPortal NA NA (boolean) Indicates if folder is hidden. If TRUE, this folder is not displayed in folder enumeration of the workspace.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:IsInternalData NA NA (boolean) Used to exclude shadow versions and non-approved documents from appearing in categories. Present on all versions. On the base document this property is present until the document is approved at least once.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:IsMergedFrom NA NA (boolean) Indicates whether this version was used to create a primary version (that is, is this version the tip of its respective draft series that resulted in a new primary version?).
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:IsPrimaryVersion NA NA (boolean) TRUE only on major versions. Present on all versions.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:IsReadOnly NA NA (boolean) Present on the base document and all subsequent versions. FALSE only on the working copy.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:isrestricted F F (boolean) Determines whether a dictionary is closed. If set to TRUE then users can not add additional values to a list property on the profile form.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:issuggestedcategoryused T T (boolean) Determines whether the AutoCategories field is used to decide that a document is in a category, not whether it was auto-categorized.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:LastApprovedVersion F F (string) Present only on the base document only after the document has been approved at least once — the URL of the last approved version.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:LastUnapprovedVersion F F (string) Present on the base document (and on the working copy if such is present) only if the document has been checked out and checked in at least once. Contains the URL of the current checked-in version (on the working copy this is the version which was checked out to generate the working copy).
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:MainFolder NA NA Property on SHADOW folders that points to the main folder. Do not modify this property.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:MaxResultsPerSubscription F F Specifies the number of results stored per subscription. This property is set on the workspace folder. Default=20, maximum=99.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:MaxSubscriptions F F Specifies the number of subscriptions in the workspace. This property is set on the workspace folder. Default=100,000.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:MaxSubscriptionsPerUser F F Specifies the number of subscriptions for a user in the workspace. This property is set on the workspace folder. Default=20.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:Napprovers NA NA (int) The number of approvers remaining that must approve.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:NextVersionSeries NA NA (string) Same as VersionSeries, but incremented by one.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:operationsallowed NA NA Reflects all possible operations that can be performed on the document at this particular state. Present on all versions. Valid ID only on the base document, LUV and the working copy.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:owner F F Owner of the document.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:ParentVersionID NA NA Version ID of the parent version for this version. For example, the parent version of version 4.1 is version 4.0. So version 4.1's parentversionID would be "00004".
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:ParentVersionSeries NA NA Version series ID for this version. The primary series ID is "0". Draft series IDs follows the following convention: primary_version_ID + "a". For example, the ID of the version series that holds versions 3.1 and 3.2 would be "00003a".
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:propertyorder F F List of properties associated with a content class, as they appear in Schema Manager and the Profile Form.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:propsinherited NA NA (boolean) Indicates whether to inherit folder properties.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:PruningLevel NA NA A workspace property. If 0 (or missing) then all versions are maintained, otherwise it specifies the maximum number of versions to maintain.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:publishedby NA NA (string) Contains DOMAIN\username of the person who last published the documents. Present on the base document and all the versions once the document is published.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:publishingmodel NA NA (string) Contains the name of the publishing model in use. Present on the base document and all versions.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:Query F F Internal — The Persistent Query Service (PQS) query corresponding to the subscription.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:RolesChangeTime F F Specifies the time the roles were changed. Used for search.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:security:ExchangePubDACL NA NA Represents the Exchange Server ACL (read/write privileges).
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:security:ExchangeUserDACL NA NA Represents the Exchange Client ACL.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:security:TahoeDACL NA NA This is the merge of the TahoePubDACL and TahoeUserDACL.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:security:TahoePubDACL NA NA Represents the SharePoint Portal Server ACL (whether someone has the rights to publish, check in, and so on).
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:security:TahoeUserDACL NA NA Represents the Client ACL (whether someone has the rights to publish, check in, and so on).
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:ShadowFolderUrl NA NA (string) The URL of the corresponding shadow folder.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:ShortcutTarget NA NA Indicates the "Link" property in the user interface for the Web Link document profile. This property, when set, denotes this item as a shortcut. The index engine only crawls rows where this property is set. It also crawls the URL pointed to in the ShortcutTarget. Any properties on the row override those listed on the shortcut target.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:SubscribedTo NA NA (string) For file or folder subscriptions or the "where" clause for search subscriptions, the URL to which you are subscribing.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:SubscribeModifiedBy F F (string) Subscribe to changes by a specific user. "ModifiedBy" stores the value of the user in the form of domain\username.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:SubscriptionFlags F F (long) The list of actions to which you are subscribing, for example: modifications, deletions and so on.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:SubscriptionId F F (long) The workspace unique subscription ID.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:SubscriptionOwner F F (string) Domain\username of the person who owns the subscription.
Urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:SubscriptionOwnerSID F F (binary)-SecurityID (SID)of the person who owns the subscription.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:SubscriptionType F F (long) The type of subscription (file, folder, category, search, and so on).
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:User NA NA (string) The username of the user who caused the creation of the version. Present on all versions.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:VersionID NA NA (string) The version ID of this version row. For primary versions, the version ID is 0-padded major_number. For draft versions, it is 0-padded major_number+"a" +minor_number. For example, the version ID of version 2.0 is "00002". The version ID of version 3.1 is "00003a00001".
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:VersionSeries NA NA (string) The ID of the version series that belongs to this version. For example, if a document has the following versions: 2.0, 2.1, and 2.2, then this property on version 2.0 would contain the ID of the series that hold 2.1 and 2.2, namely, "00002a".
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:WorkingCopy NA NA (string) The URL of the working copy. Present on the base document and LUV when the document is checked out.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:WorkspaceName F F Indicates the workspace name where the item is located.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:workspace#AddContentSourceItem F F Localized name of the Add Content Source Wizard.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:workspace#AddDocumentProfileItem F F Localized name of the Add Document Profile Wizard.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:workspace#AdditionalSettingsItem F F Localized name of the Additional Settings item.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:workspace#AnnouncementsFolder F F Localized name of the Announcements folder.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:workspace#CategoriesFolder F F Localized name of the Categories folder.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:workspace#ConfigureWorkspaceItem F F Localized name of the Configure Workspace Settings item.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:workspace#ContentSourcesFolder F F Localized name of the Content Sources folder.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:workspace#DashboardsFolder NA NA Localized name of the Dashboards folder.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:workspace#DocumentProfilesFolder F F Localized name of the Document Profiles folder.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:workspace#DocumentsFolder F F Localized name of the Documents folder.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:workspace#ManagementFolder F F Localized name of the Management folder.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:workspace#NewsFolder F F Localized name of the News folder.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:workspace#PortalContentFolder NA NA Localized name of the Portal Content folder.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:workspace#PortalFolder F F Localized name of the Portal folder.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:workspace#QuickLinksFolder F F Localized name of the Quick Links folder.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:workspace#TahoeHelpFile NA NA Localized name of the Help file.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:workspace#WorkspaceSettingsItem F F Localized name of the Workspace Settings item.