SMTPServerName Property

The SMTPServerName property contains the server name that used for outgoing e-mail notifications.

Property SMTPServerName AS String[C++]
get method:
HRESULT get_SMTPServerName(BSTR*pSMTPServerName); 
Put method:
HRESULT put_SMTPServerName(BSTR*varSMTPServerName);

[Visual Basic]



Return Values

This property returns a String that contains the server name.

Error Values

If an error is raised, Err.Number is set to one of the values documented on the Error Messages page.



Get method:

  • pSMTPServerName
    [out, retval] Pointer to a BSTR that contains the server name.

Put method:

  • varSMTPServerName
    [in] BSTR that contains the server name.
Return Values

For a list of error messages returned by SharePoint Portal Server, see Error Messages.


The SMTPServerName property can specify an SMTP smart-host or relay server.