SharePoint Portal Server Search SQL Syntax

The Structured Query Language (SQL) used in the search component of SharePoint Portal Server 2001 extends the standard SQL-92 and SQL-99 database query syntax to enhance its usefulness with text-based searches. SharePoint Portal Server search provides capabilities in addition to the Windows 2000 Indexing Service, Microsoft Index Server (part of the Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack), Site Server 3.0 Search, SQL Server 7.0 full-text search, and Exchange 2000 Content Indexing Support.

In addition to this documentation, you can find information about the other implementations of the full-text search engine in the software development kit (SDK) and other documentation for these Microsoft products:

When you install SharePoint Portal Server, you are also installing the Web Storage System. Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server also installs the Web Storage System, and both Exchange and SharePoint Portal Server include full-text index and full-text search capabilities. There are minor differences between the query languages of the two systems. Consult the Exchange 2000 Server SDK for complete information about the SQL syntax and features supported through Exchange.

In addition to the syntax descriptions provided in this section, you must know the properties available for searching. For more information, see SharePoint Portal Server Global Properties.

This section includes the following topics: