ValidateIsIncludedFilter(String) Method

The ValidateIsIncludedFilter method of the AudienceManager class verifies the validity of the specified string of globally unique identifiers (GUID)s for an audience.


PersistedString String of comma-delimited GUIDs for an audience.

Return Value

String Sub-string of PersistedString that contains a comma-delimited list of valid GUIDs.


The ValidateIsIncludedFilter method implements the ValidateIsIncludedFilter method of the IRuntimerFilter interface. This verifies data that is persisted by Web Parts before committing that data to the database. This method is used mainly when importing audience data. The validity of each GUID in the PersistedString is checked. If the GUID is invalid or does not appear in the content database, it is discarded. The return string contains only valid audience GUIDs.


The following code example shows how to use the ValidateIsIncludedFilter method to verify a list of audience GUIDs.


Platforms: Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Security: Code Access Security

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