ReserveCredentialTicket(Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.SingleSignon.Credentials.SingleSignonTicketType, string) Method

The ReserveCredentialTicket method of the Credentials class reserves an access token that retrieves credentials.


Type One of the SingleSignonTicketType values that specifies the type of access token that is reserved. The only supported enumerated value is SingleSignonTicketType. Default.

strTicket Receives a base-64 encoded, encrypted access token.


Exception Type Condition
SingleSignonException Method failed.


The Microsoft Single Sign-On (SSOSrv) service generates an access token that redeems credentials for the user and any associated enterprise application definition. You must call the GetCredentialsUsingTicket method to redeem the credentials. Only a user who is a member of the single sign-on administrator account can redeem credentials using the access token issued by the ReserveCredentialTicket method. All users can call the ReserveCredentialTicket method.

The ReserveCredentialTicket method is audited with a result of success or failure and the user that called the method in the single sign-on database. The ServiceAction enumeration recorded is ReserveCredentialTicket.


The following code example shows how to use the ReserveCredentialTicket method.


Platforms: Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Security: Code Access Security