PropertyMap Class

The PropertyMap class represents a property mapping that defines property mapping between the user profile and the import data source — Microsoft Active Directory directory service.



Public Methods

The following table shows the public methods of the PropertyMap class and a brief description of each.

Name Description
Commit Commits changes made to a property map to the database.
Equals(object) Returns a value indicating whether the specified object is a property map and is equal to this property map.
GetHashCode Gets a hash code for a property map.
ToString Gets a string representation of the property map.

Public Properties

The following table shows the properties of the PropertyMap class, the data type of each property, and a brief description of each.

Name Data Type Description
DSPropName String Gets or sets the mapped property name in data source.
DataSource Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.UserProfiles.DataSource Gets the data source with which the property mapping is defined.
PropName String Gets the name of the user profile property.

Thread Safety

Any public static (Shared in Visual Basic) members of this type are safe for multithreaded operations. Instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.


Only a one-on-one relationship is allowed. If there is an attempt to map more than one user profile property to one Active Directory property, or map one user profile property to more than one Active Directory property, an UPDuplicateEntryException is thrown.


The following code example shows the use of the PropertyMap class.


Namespace: Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.UserProfiles

Platforms: Windows Server 2003

Assembly: Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal (in Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.dll)

Security: Code Access Security