AudienceSiteInfo(Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.PortalContext, Boolean, Boolean, Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.Audience.AudienceAccessRights) Constructor

The AudienceSiteInfo constructor initializes a new instance of the AudienceSiteInfo class with the specified access rights and a reference to a PortalContext object that represents the current portal site.


portalContext Reference to PortalContext object that contains information about this portal site.

bCentral true indicates audience information is stored in a central location.; otherwisefalse.

bPublic true indicates this audience information for this Site is available to other portal sites; otherwise false.

AccessRights Element of the Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.Audience.AudienceAccessRights enumeration that indicates the level of access to audience information for this portal site.


Platforms: Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Security: Code Access Security

AudienceSiteInfo Class