Create(System.Uri, String, String, String) Method

The Create method of the PortalSiteCollection class creates a PortalSite with the specified portal Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), portal site title, and name and e-mail address of the portal site owner, and adds it to the PortalSiteCollection object.


portalUri The value of the System.Uri of the portal site.

portalTitle A string that contains the title of the portal site.

managerAccount A string that contains the user name of the portal site owner.

managerEmail A string that contains the e-mail address to use for the portal site owner.

Return Value

The Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.Topology.PortalSite to add to the collection.


Caution When you create a portal site by using the user interface, Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server prevents simultaneous attempts to create portal sites. However, creating a portal site through the PortalTopology object model does not lock the configuration database or prevent administrators or other applications from taking actions that may change the topology of the server farm and cause the portal creation process to fail with errors.


Platforms: Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Security: Code Access Security