FROM Clause

Following the SELECT statement, you use the FROM clause to specify where to search for matching documents. Following is the top-level syntax of the FROM clause:

FROM <qualified_scope> |<union_all_scope>

The "scope" of the search is the location from which the query returns the results. You must qualify FROM clause scope specifications with a content index name. A content index is the full-text index, pointer to the property store, and other data that describes content across content sources, scopes, and servers. Unqualified scope specifications are not supported.

Following is the syntax for qualified scope specifications:

<content index>..SCOPE ()

Use the UNION ALL scope when searching in more than one catalog.


SELECT "DAV:href","DAV:displayname"
FROM Portal_Content..Scope() WHERE…

SELECT "DAV:href","DAV:displayname"
FROM Non_Portal_Content..Scope() WHERE…

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