PathPattern Enumeration

The PathPattern enumeration specifies the kind of path that will be used for the link value specified in the ContentLink property of the ContentEditorWebPart class, the ContentLink property of the PageViewerWebPart class, the ImageLink property of ImageWebPart class, and the XslLink and XmlLink properties of the XmlWebPart class.


While the PathPattern enumeration can be used by a custom Web Part, if so used, you should provide your own validation code for working with the value of this enumeration.


The following table shows the members of the PathPattern enumeration and a brief description of each.

Name Description
All All possible paths.
File A file system path to a file.
Folder A file system path to a folder.
None No path.
RelativeURL A relative URL.
URL An absolute URL.


Namespace: Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages

Platforms: Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Assembly: Windows SharePoint Services (in Microsoft.SharePoint.dll)

Security: Code Access Security