Intersect(System.Security.IPermission) Method

The Intersect method of the SingleSignonPermission class returns the logical intersection of two SingleSignonPermission instances.


target The SingleSignonPermission instance to intersect with the current instance.

Return Value

System.Security.IPermission A new SingleSignonPermission that represents the intersection of the current instance and the target parameter. If the intersection is empty, the method returns a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic).


Exception Type Condition
ArgumentException The target parameter is not a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) and is not a SingleSignonPermission.


The intersection of two permissions is a permission that secures the resources and operations that can be secured by both permissions. Any demand that passes both permissions will also pass their intersection. In short, the Intersect method returns a SingleSignonPermission that contains the permissions that are common in both the target and the current instance.


Platforms: Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Security: Code Access Security