GetAlertCreationLink(System.Web.UI.Page, String, String, System.Guid) Method

The GetAlertCreationLink method of the SiteRegistryAlertType class creates an "Alert Me" link for a site registry using the specified parameters. The current HTTP context is used to identify the portal site.


page Current HTTP context. This page is used to create JScript blocks and form fields.

siteRegistryUrl URL for the site registry that this alert describes.

displayName Display name for the site registry this alert describes.

listId Globally unique identifier (GUID) for the SharePoint list that contains the site registry information.

Return Value

String that contains URL to the new alert page.


The GetAlertCreationLink method is a static public method and cannot be overritten in your derived class. The resulting URL is JScript URL that generates a post request to the new alert page. Use this method when the resulting alert page URL generated by this method is over 2K. Long URLs may not display correctly in some client browsers.


Platforms: Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Security: Code Access Security