Create(String, String) Method

The Create method of the TopologyManager class creates a TopologyManager object using the Database object identified by the server and database parameters as the configuration database.


server The server on which the configuration database is located.

database The name of the configuration database.

Return Value

The Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.Topology.TopologyManager instance associated with the specified server and configuration database.


To use the properties and methods of the objects in the Topology namespace you must be a member of the local STS_WPG and SPS_WPG security groups, and a member of the db_owner database role for the configuration database.

In addition, for certain methods, such as those that create a portal site, you must be a member of the local Administrators group, and have membership in the Database Creators and Security Administrators server roles in the SQL Server instance that hosts the configuration database.

The Create(String, String) method makes the new configuration database the default database for the local computer. The Create(String, String) method calls Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.CreateConfigDatabase.


Platforms: Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Security: Code Access Security