NavNodes Table

The NavNodes table stores the list of navigation nodes that are displayed in the navigation bars in Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services.

Warning Modifying the database schema or database structures is unsupported. Changes that you make to the database contents may be overwritten when you install updates or service packs for Windows SharePoint Services, or when you upgrade an installation to the next product version.


Column name Data type Description
SiteId uniqueidentifier ID of the SharePoint site to which the node belongs, available from the Sites table.
WebId uniqueidentifier ID of the subsite to which the node belongs.
Eid int ID of the node.
EidParent int ID of the parent node.
NumChildren int Number of child nodes.
RankChild int Order in which to display this node among its siblings.
ElementType tinyint 0 = Page, 1 = Link, 2 = Dynamic Page.
Url nvarchar URL to which the node points if the ElementType property is a link or if the NavSequence property is set to true.
DocId uniqueidentifier ID of the document to which the node points, when the ElementType property is not a link and the NavSequence property is not set to true; available from the Documents table.
Name nvarchar Name of the node.
DateLastModified datetime Date and time when the node information was last modified.
NodeMetainfo image Reserved.
NonNavPage bit true if "Display in Link Bars" is not set for this node in a client program such as Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003; otherwise, false.
NavSequence bit true if the child nodes are included in a link bar rather than as part of the hierarchical navigation structure; otherwise, false.
ChildOfSequence bit true if the EidParent property is the EID of a node for which the NavSequence property is set to true; otherwise, false.