Sites Table (Content Database)

The Sites table stores the list of SharePoint sites on a virtual server.


Warning Modifying the database schema or database structures is unsupported. Changes that you make to the database contents may be overwritten when you install updates or service packs for Windows SharePoint Services, or when you upgrade an installation to the next product version.

Column name Data type Description
FullUrl nvarchar URL of the SharePoint site.
Id uniqueidentifier GUID of the SharePoint site.
NextUserOrGroupId int Next ID to be used when adding a user to the site. Found in the UserInfo table.
OwnerID int tp_ID of the user specified as the site owner in the UserInfo table.
SecondaryContactID int tp_ID of the user specified as a secondary contact if specified. Found in the UserInfo table.
Subscribed bit Value that specifies whether the SharePoint site has alerts.
TimeCreated datetime Date and time the SharePoint site was created.
UsersCount int Not used.
BWUsed bigint Not used.
DiskUsed bigint Value that specifies the amount of disk space used by the SharePoint site.
QuotaTemplateID smallint Value that specifies the quota template associated with the SharePoint site.
DiskQuota bigint Value that specifies the disk quota setting.
UserQuota int Value that specifies the user quota setting.
DiskWarning bigint Value that specifies when to send disk quota warnings.
DiskWarned datetime Value that indicates whether a warning was sent.
BitFlags int Binary settings for the SharePoint site.
SecurityVersion bigint Value that increments to indicate when security changes.
CertificationDate datetime Date and time changes are made.
DeadWebNotifyCount smallint Value that indicates the number of times a site usage notification is sent.
PortalURL nvarchar URL of the portal site.
PortalName nvarchar Name of the portal site.
LastContentChange datetime Date and time when the content of the site was last changed.
LastSecurityChange datetime Date and time when the security settings of the site were last changed.
HashKey binary Binary data containing an algorithmic hash of the URL for a site and a lookup table, which is used to route requests to the correct database server.
EmailEnabled bit Value that indicates whether a document library is e-mail enabled. Used to optimize performance.