WebParts Table

The WebParts table stores a list of all the Web Parts available for the sites.

Warning Modifying the database schema or database structures is unsupported. Changes that you make to the database contents may be overwritten when you install updates or service packs for Windows SharePoint Services, or when you upgrade an installation to the next product version.


Column name Data type Description
tp_SiteId uniqueidentifier ID of the site to which the Web Part belongs. GUID links to the Sites table.
tp_ID uniqueidentifier ID of the Web Part.
tp_ListId uniqueidentifier ID of the list to which the Web Part refers. GUID links to the Lists table.
tp_Type tinyint Value that indicates the type of Web Part.
tp_Flags int Bitmask combination of Web Part properties.
tp_BaseViewID tinyint ID of a base view defined in the SCHEMA.XML file of a list definition on which a custom view is based.
tp_DisplayName nvarchar Display name of the view.
tp_Version int Version number used in optimistic concurrency checking.
tp_PageUrlID uniqueidentifier URL of the page to which the Web Part refers. Found in the Docs table.
tp_PartOrder int Ordinal number indicating the location of the Web Part in relation to other Web Parts in the same zone.
tp_ZoneID nvarchar Value that indicates the zone in which the Web Part is displayed.
tp_IsIncluded bit Value that indicates whether the Web Part is visible.
tp_FrameState tinyint Value that indicates the frame type of the Web Part.
tp_View ntext Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML) that defines the customizations of a created view, taken in relation to a base view defined in the SCHEMA.XML file of a list definition.
tp_WebPartTypeId uniqueidentifier Type ID of the Web Part.
tp_AllUsersProperties image Properties specified for All Users.
tp_PerUserProperties image Properties specified for Per User basis.
tp_Cache image Private data cache for the Web Part.
tp_UserID int ID of the user to whom the Web Part is shown.
tp_Source ntext Properties of the Web Part as specified by a Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services-compatible HTML editor, such as Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003.
tp_CreationTime datetime Date and time the Web Part was created.
tp_Size bigint Size of the Web Part.