Webs Table

The Webs table stores the list of sites associated with a top-level site.

Warning Modifying the database schema or database structures is unsupported. Changes that you make to the database contents may be overwritten when you install updates or service packs for Windows SharePoint Services, or when you upgrade an installation to the next product version.


Column name Data type Description
Id uniqueidentifier GUID of the subsite. This is used in many of the other tables.
SiteId uniqueidentifier GUID of the top-level site with which the site is associated. Found in the Sites table.
FullUrl nvarchar URL of the subsite. Blank if it is the top-level site in the site collection.
ParentWebId uniqueidentifier GUID of the site if the site is a subsite.
FirstUniqueAncestorWebId uniqueidentifier ID of the site that controls the security of this site.
Author int ID of the user who created the site. Found in the UserInfo table.
Title nvarchar Title of the site.
TimeCreated datetime Date and time the site was created.
CachedNavDirty int Value that indicates whether the navigation HTML must be recomputed.
CachedNav image Cached HTML version of site navigation structure.
Description ntext Description of the site.
ACL image Access control list for the site.
AnonymousPermMask int Permissions mask of the anonymous account.
SecurityProvider uniqueidentifier Name of the security provider for the site used to specify site security externally.
MetaInfo image Metadata for the site.
MetaInfoVersion int Version of site metadata for concurrency control.
LastMetadataChange datetime Date and time when the Web site metadata was last changed.
NavStructNextEid int Next ID for any new navigational node added to the site.
NextWebGroupId int Next ID for a site group being added to the site.
DefTheme nvarchar Default theme for the site.
AlternateCSSUrl nvarchar Extensibility hook to inject a custom cascading stylesheet into Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services.
CustomJSUrl nvarchar Extensibility hook to inject a custom JavaScript into Windows SharePoint Services.
AlternateHeaderUrl nvarchar Extensibility hook to inject headers into Windows SharePoint Services.
DailyUsageData image Binary field that stores the usage data for the past 31 days.
DailyUsageDataVersion int Value that specifies the daily version of the usage data.
MonthlyUsageData image Binary field that stores the usage data for the past 31 months.
MonthlyUsageDataVersion int Value that specifies the monthly version of the usage data.
DayLastAccessed smallint Value that specifies the last day the site was accessed, which is expressed as the number of days since January 1, 1899 until the last day the site was accessed.

This column is currently used by the usage processing code, but it can also be used in ad-hoc queries to check which sites have been used most recently and which have been used least recently. For example, Select FullUrl,DayLastAccessed From Webs Order By DayLastAccessed.

Sites that have never been used or that have never had their usage data processed for some reason will have this field set to 0.

WebTemplate int Value that indicates which site template was used for the site.
Language int Value that indicates the language of the site (e.g., the template language).
Locale int Value that indicates the locale of the site (e.g., date and number formats).
TimeZone smallint Value that indicates the time zone.
Time24 bit Time format specifier. Specifies whether the time displayed is 12-hour or 24-hour format.
CalendarType smallint Calendar type for non-Gregorian calendars (e.g., Hijiri).
AdjustHijriDays smallint Hijiri calendar feature for adjusting lunar calendars.
MeetingCount smallint Number of Meeting Workspace sites associated with the site.
ProvisionConfig smallint Value that specifies which configuration file from ONET.XML was used to configure the SharePoint site.
Flags int Bit flags that enable and disable specific features.
Collation smallint Value that specifies the sort order for the SharePoint site, such as ordering of names in a phone book.
RequestAccessEmail nvarchar E-mail of the user who receives requests for site access.
EmailEnabled bit Value that specifies whether a site is enabled for e-mail.