GetGroupApplicationGroup(string) Method

The GetGroupApplicationGroup method of the Application class gets an NT Domain\Group account associated with a group enterprise application definition.


app The name of the enterprise application definition associated with this NT Domain\Group account name. This is not the enterprise application definition friendly name. The maximum allowed number of characters is 128.


Exception Type Condition
SingleSignonException Method has failed


Microsoft Single Sign-On (SSOSrv) has two enterprise application definition types: group application and individual application. Use the GetGroupApplicationGroup method for the group application type. If the specified application definition name is not a group application, an Application Not Found error is returned. If the specified application definition name is a group application, but the credentials are not set, NULL is returned.

Only member of the single sign-on admin group or an application manager can use the GetGroupApplicationGroup method.

The result of each call to the GetGroupApplicationGroup method is audited and stored in the single sign-on database. The ServiceAction enumeration recorded is GetApplication.


The following code example shows how to use the GetGroupApplicationGroup method. To use this example, replace domain_name\\group_name with a valid domain and group on your network.


Platforms: Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Security: Code Access Security