JobEmailInserts Property

The JobEmailInserts property of the SPVirtualServerConfig class gets or sets how often to check the public folder for new e-mail attachments for a document library.

Property Value

A string that specifies how often to check for new e-mail messages.


The timer string formats that are used in the JobEmailInserts property are specific and are case-sensitive. The following examples indicate the correct formats to use, where integer values can range from 0 to 60:

  • every 1 minutes
  • every 1 minutes between 0 and 59
  • daily at 06:00:00
  • daily at 6am
  • daily between 06:00:00 and 22:00:00
  • daily between 6am and 10pm
  • hourly at 30
  • hourly between 1 and 29
  • hourly between 1 and 30 minutes past the hour

If the string formats are not set as indicated, they default to "Hourly between 1 and 59".

For changes in this property to take effect, use SPVirtualServerConfig.Properties.Update() to save the settings.


Platforms: Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Security: Code Access Security