BindToStream Method

The BindToStream method of the IUrlAccessor interface binds the item being processed to a data stream and returns a pointer to that stream to the Filter Daemon.


ppStream [out] Address of a pointer to an IStream that contains the contents of the item represented by the URL.

Return Value

For a list of error messages returned by Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 protocol handlers, see Protocol Handler Error Messages.


All protocol handlers must implement the BindToFilter, BindToStream, or GetFileName method for the Filter Daemon to retrieve any useful information from that item. Protocol handlers may implement either the BindToFilter or BindToStream method, or both methods. For example, protocol handlers may use the BindToFilter method for metadata associated with items in the content source, and use the BindToStream method to retrieve the content of the items.

You only need to implement simple sequential access to a Stream object when using the BindToFilter method. Reading from a stream may generate a temporary file. If this impacts the performance of your protocol handler implementation, consider using the BindToFilter and GetFileName methods to access the item content.


Platforms: Microsoft Windows Server 2003