Fields Element

The Fields element is used both in defining a list (to specify the fields that are implemented) and in rendering the list for the browser. When used inside a view, it iterates over the view fields. When used outside a view, it iterates over all the nonhidden fields in the list.




Name Description
FormAggregation TRUE to enable Merge Forms within a form library.

Element Relationships

Parent Elements Child Elements
ListFormBody, MetaData, ViewBidiHeader, ViewBody, ViewEmpty, ViewHeader Field, RenderPattern


Use of the <Fields> tag is synonymous with specifying <ForEach Select="Fields/Field">.


The following example from the SCHEMA.XML file for tasks lists specifies fields uniquely used in a tasks list.

   <Field Type="Choice" Name="Priority" DisplayName="Priority" >
         <CHOICE>(1) High</CHOICE>
         <CHOICE>(2) Normal</CHOICE>
         <CHOICE>(3) Low</CHOICE>
      <Default>(2) Normal</Default>
   <Field Type="Choice" Name="Status" DisplayName="Status">
         <CHOICE>Not Started</CHOICE>
         <CHOICE>In Progress</CHOICE>
         <CHOICE>Waiting on someone else</CHOICE>
      <Default>Not Started</Default>
   <Field Type="Number" Name="PercentComplete" Percentage="TRUE" Min="0" Max="1" DisplayName="% Complete"></Field>
   <Field Type="User" List="UserInfo" Name="AssignedTo" DisplayName="Assigned To"></Field>
   <Field Type="Note" RichText="TRUE" Name="Body" DisplayName="Description" Sortable="FALSE"></Field>
   <Field Type="DateTime" Name="StartDate" DisplayName="Start Date">
   <Field Type="DateTime" Name="DueDate" DisplayName="Due Date"></Field>