ComMd Table

The ComMd table stores Web discussion comments.

Warning Modifying the database schema or database structures is not supported. Changes that you make to the database contents may be overwritten when you install updates or service packs for Windows SharePoint Services, or when you upgrade an installation to the next product version.


Column name Data type Description
SiteId uniqueidentifier GUID for the SharePoint site to which the Web discussion belongs. Found in the Sites table.
DocId uniqueidentifier GUID for the document. Found in the Docs table.
Id int Primary key for the table.
ParentId int Primary key of the parent node for a reply in a threaded discussion. Contains 0 for a top-level node.
CommentId nvarchar Not used.
Bookmark nvarchar Anchor point within a document for the discussion item, providing a hash that tracks where the comment goes in the document.
Author nvarchar Display name of the user who created the comment.
UserId int Member ID of the Windows SharePoint Services user.
Subject nvarchar Subject line of the comment.
Created datetime Date and time that the comment was created.
Status smallint Status of the discussion item, which tracks open versus resolved comments.
Comment ntext Body or text of the comment.
Size int Size of the comment.